• Workover Automation

    Posted on 2021-2-27 9:56:26

    The Bright Automation team proposed the "Integrated Solution for Pipe and Rod Transport and Storage" in 2020, in order to solve the heavy physical labor and environmental pollution problems caused by the transportation of pipe and rod in undergrou..

  • EGC: Internet of Things Controller

    Posted on 2020-4-11 9:53:04

    The R&D team has been doing oilfield exploration and research for several years, and launched the second-generation Internet of Things controller in 2020. The fully integrated structure design can connect various types of oilfield sensors to a..

  • Water Injection Automation

    Posted on 2019-12-17 9:55:27

    In traditional water injection methods, it’s always need to solve the problem of insufficient injection or inability to inject water caused by the pressure of the pipe network being lower than the pressure of the injection well. ..

  • DG Integrated Downhole Gauge

    Posted on 2019-8-25 9:50:11

    Bright Automation, Inc. announced its research and development of a new down-hole pressure temperature vibration 8-parameter sensor in 2019. The product can measure 8 different parameters at the same time, which are down-hole pressure, temperature..

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