WLC Wireless Load Cell

WLC Wireless Load Cell
Featuring the latest in solar cell power and wireless technology, the Bright Wireless Load Cell redefines load cell performance and convenience. This wireless load cell transmits data via a 2.4GHz wireless digital communication protocol. Based on its unique wireless design, the Bright Load Cell provides easier, faster installation and reduces shutdowns associated with cable failure.
The receiving module output generates a standard 4-20mA or 0-10mV signal, making it useful as a replacement of conventional load cells. The load cell’s lack of wires and u-shaped structure provides for easy installation, repair, and maintenance, while its durable outer shell allows it to withstand harsh environments.
·    Fully solar powered
·    Wireless digital communication
·    U-shaped structure for easy installation
·    Standard output: 4-20mA, RS232
·    Available in choice of mA or mV outputs
·      Minimal wiring required, easy installation
·      Reduces alarms and/or shutdown due to cable failure

·      Proven to withstand harsh environments

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