RPC Rod Pump Controller

RPC Rod Pump Controller

The Bright II Rod Pump Controller? (RPC) offers an auto-intermittent feature designed to control intermittent pumping modes based on analysis of the surface dynamometer card. It can then adjust running and idle times to optimize production output, serving to reduce energy consumption.

The Bright II detects failures of the sensors and downhole pump while allowing the operator to view alarms either on site or remotely when communications are installed. The remote monitoring and control communications system allows the operator the ability to set custom parameters for pumping. The system will alert operators to conditions occurring outside of the specified parameters, and preemptively shutdown the pumping unit before any equipment is damaged.


·    Auto-intermittent modes

·    Failure diagnosis

·    Energy management system

·    Easy installation, operation, and maintenance


·      Optimized production

·      Reduced power consumption

·      Reduced manpower requirements

·      Reduced equipment wear

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