EGC IoT Edge Controllers

EGC IoT Edge Controllers

Featuring the latest in control and communication technology, the Bright IoT EDGE controller redefines controller performance and function. This controller is convenient to connect various wireless products of oil field, and realize the Internet of Things system of oil field. This controller This easy-to-install control panel is equipped with auto-intermittent modes, failure diagnosis, and peak energy management capabilities, which serve to optimize operational efficiency and overall production.Bright controllers are suitable for various pumps, including RP, PCP, HPU, ESP, Bright Automation customises controllers based on IoT and wireless sensor products for customers.


·         Industrial Internet of things

·         High speed industrial controller

·         Multi analog/digital input and output 

·         Multi wired/wireless communication

·         Edge computing ability

·         Auto-intermittent modes

·         Failure diagnosis

·         Easy installation and operation


·       Implementation of oilfield IoT system

·       Optimized production

·       Provides reliable timed run, stop, and start controls

·       Performs in a variety of challenging environments

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