Bright Automation is the industry leader in providing advanced, fully wireless technology solutions for artificial lift applications.
Our broad range of wireless measurement systems includes wireless load cells, load cell adapters, inclinometers, and integrated load cell/accelerometers. Our artificial lift product line also includes VSDs, RPCs, and stand-alone inverters. These systems meet high industry standards for performance and dependability, while they're very easy to install and use.We committed to quality throughout our organization.  
  • Wireless Products

    Bright Automation provides a broad, industry-leading selection of wireless equipment for monitoring and controlling artificial lift operations. Get More Information
  • Artificial Lift Automation

    Offering a range of choices, from Rod Pump Controllers to the industry’s most sophisticated Intelligent Pump Controllers and Integrated Production Control Systems, Bright has raised the bar for artificial lift monitoring and control capabilities reliability. Get More Information
  • Workover rig Automation

    The Bright Workover rig Automation is designed to solve the problem of heavy manual labor environmental pollution in workover operation. Get More Information
  • Water Injection Automation

    The Bright Water injection automation is designed to solve the problem that the pressure of pipe network is lower than that of water injection well. The Water injection device can increase the Water injection pressure without loss of the original pipe network pressure. Get More Information
  • Customer Application

    Bright Automation offers a wide array of custom automation products that are designed, produced and supported by a team assigned to custom products. Get More Information


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