Customer Application

Customer Application

Bright Automation offers a wide array of custom automation products that are designed, produced, and supported by a team assigned to custom products.Our engineers and manufactures industrial control systems to meet a broad range of industry requirements. Specific applications we serve include mining process control, manufacturing, downstream oil and gas, and transportation.

We customizes equipment for customers based on IoT and wireless sensor products and years of product design, manufacturing and engineering experience.

The Centralized ESP Control Device

Bright Automation creatively customized a centralized ESP controller for customers, and each device can control the operation of up to 16 ESPs at the same time.

By combining the right choice of ESP drive with expert electrical and pump system design, field operation, and monitoring throughout the life cycle of the well, our services can enhance ESP performance.Eliminate the need for multiple surface components with an onsite ESP site controller that combines all wellsite control,and downhole data acquisition functions into one single room.

Centralized ESP controller uses Variable speed drives (VSD),which designed to provide reliable power, protection, and tighter motor control of ESP installations by varying the speed of the motor while minimizing costly downtime—decreasing potential energy fines and levies, reducing workovers and replacements, and prolonging pump run life.
We have provided customers with dozens of centralized ESP control device!

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