At Bright Automation, we keep making the moves that improve efficiencies and simplify operations across the board—driving artificial lift, oil and gas field operations to do more.Bright Automation is the industry leader in providing advanced, fully wireless technology solutions and IoT edge controller for artificial lift applications. Our broad range of wireless measurement systems includes wireless load cells, load cell adapters, inclinometers, and integrated load cell/accelerometers. Our artificial lift product line also includes VSDs, RPCs,Edge controller, which can connect various wireless products of oil field to realize the Internet of Things system of oil field. These systems meet high industry standards for performance and dependability, while offering fast and easy installation. 

Custom Solutions

Bright Automation provides control systems that serve a variety of industries including mining, manufacturing, and downstream oil and gas processing.Bright Automation customises control equipment based on IoT and wireless sensor products。



Bright Automation is committed to quality throughout our organization.  Our Quality Management System has been certified to comply with the requirements of ATEx, ISO 9001:2015, IECEx, FM,  CSA and CE.

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