Celebrating 10 Years of BA: Thank You to Our Customers

Posted on 2022-11-04

In the coming year of 2023 we will be proud to celebrating Bright Automation (BA) ’s 10th anniversary. We are going to commemorated our decade of achievement, and express our heartfelt thanks to all our customers and partners for their support
    Start by offering the first set of VSD products since 2013, BA products have always maintained a high level of performance and quality. Also all the developed products work well and are widely accepted by customers,which include wireless measurement systems and artificial lift product line such as VSDs, RPCs, Edge controller ,etc.
    Thanks for the tremendous amount of support from our customers along the way , Bright Automation achieved the golden 10 years in providing fully wireless technology solutions and IoT edge controller for artificial lift applications.
    We’ll continue to listen and serve our customers, and cherish the innovation, pasion, and togetherness of today and look forward to again celebrating all we’ve accomplished together in the next 10 years.

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